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Work in Progress: Dark Lysterium

Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by NextIslandForum, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. You’re all familiar with the mineral Lysterium, which can be found and mined throughout the Entropia Universe. Here in the Next Island test environment, we’ve begun mining Dark Lysterium as well:
    Next Island is an alternate dimension, which frequently resembles Earth or the rest of the Entropia Universe, but has some small and signifigant changes. For example, Dr. Kylon and Dr. Mackenzie discovered that the DNA of Next Island’s wild boar is just different enough from Earth’s sus scrofa domesticus to have disastrous results.
    Some consider Dark Lysterium an anti-matter or reverse version of Lysterium. However you see this new mineral, it can be mined and refined like the existing Lysterium. The Elysian scientists have taken advantage of the unique properties of this reverse Lysterium, and they use it in special technology.
    I’m successfully mining, refining and crafting with Dark Lysterium in test, so we’re on track to release this on May 1st.

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  2. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    would be cool i this could replace Lysterium in crafting to get some kind of cool adjusted weapon instead of the normal one
  3. Ohhh neato

    thats fun to see stuff like this >^.^<
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  4. Interesting ... looking forward to see the role this new ore will play in NI/AG's economy
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  5. So exciting to see new thing.

    Dark Lyst for craftable shadow amor??? :)
  6. Liu


    Will it be again a minable ore in AG loots ?
  7. Saw this in auction.............what is it used for?

    Entropia 2012-05-11 14-28-05-06.
  8. is dark lyst still mineable? Been crafting on secret island last few days, and looted system stabilizer bp and dark lyst cogs bps... if it is mineable, where the heck do you find it and at what depth?

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